Welcome to Critical Systems Inc.

Critical Systems provides products and services that are used in semiconductor and related processes. These include the following areas:

Reconditioned Gas Cabinets, Gas Scrubbers, Orbital Welding, High Purity Stainless Steel Fabrication, Valve Manifold Boxes, and other Gas Delivery Systems for Semiconductor and Related Technologies. Many of our customer are in the research and/or University setting where they are working on advancements in nanotechnology, MEMS, Thin Film, Solar PV and other technologies.  We also provide on site commissioning of our gas cabinets, as well as on-site training to ensure that your system in working properly from day one.

We provide Point-of-Use Gas Scrubbers that are capable of abating virtually any gas or gas combination that is used in semiconductor or related processes, such as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Epitaxy (Epi), Etch, TEOS or TEPO, etc..

We are an Authorized Training and Service Center for Arc Machines (AMI) and have a large fleet of orbital welding equipment for rent, including orbital welding power supplies, weld heads, cables and extensions and facing tools. We also sell orbital welding consumables, and have developed a number of inexpensive and practical orbital welding innovations to improve quality and efficiency, such as argon purge restrictors, tube clamp replacements, weld head upgrade kits, and orbital welding chiller/coolers for AMI 207 and 217 power supplies.

Through our full service fabrication shop, CSI builds custom gas panels, gas sticks, and other gas delivery systems for ultra high purity (UHP) applications for semiconductor and other advanced technologies.

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