What is the life time expectancy of gas delivery lines for corrosive gases, specifically Chlorine (Cl2), Hydrogen Bromide (HBr), and Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)?

The life expectancy of any corrosive gas system is a function of how clean you keep the gas.  Moisture is the enemy of most corrosive gases, and it doesn’t take much to wipe out your system.  We’ve been reconditioning gas cabinets for 12 years now and have been around these systems for close to 30 years and we’ve seen systems that last a couple of weeks and others that are still running strong after 10 years. The difference between the two is how the systems are cared for.

The key factors to maximize the life of your gas systems:

  • Proper cycle purges
  • Using proper gaskets (DISS – not CGA)
  • Using high quality UHP gases
  • The right environment for your delivery system
  • Proper configuration of dedicated purge cylinder

There’s a full write-up on this here:  Proper Cycle Purge and Other Best Practices.

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