Question re: heating gases for etch tool that uses Cl2 & BCL3. The gas cabinets area is 18°C. The etch tool chamber is @ 80°C idling and up to 150°C during process. What would you recommend we heat the gases to?

The main concern here is maintaining gas state, which is as much dependent on pressure as it is temp.

First of all, CL2 won’t be an issue at the temp provided in either scenario.

 Not sure what your set up looks like, so I’ll describe two scenario’s for the BCL3:

 Scenario 1 : No regulator at or near gas bottle.   BCL3 should be 15°C at the cylinder to stabilize vapor pressure and prevent condensation, which, in turn, will extend the life of the gas cabinet components.  Line temp should be 23-25°C, any decrease in pressure (example: regulator in a valve box) should be followed with  an increase in temperature of approx. 5°C.

 Scenario 2:   If there is a regulator near the cylinder on the BCL3, and the cylinder temp is 18°C, you would probably be safe in the distance described below if you just heated the line to 26°C. 

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