New UHP Fabrication Center in Boise, Idaho

September 2016

Critical Systems, Inc., finalized the completion of their new, “state of the art” UHP Fabrication Center in Boise, Idaho. The expansion quintuples fabrication space and features ALL new “work cells” designed to improve productivity in the new Center by 50% giving CSI a 10X capacity over the 2011 expansion. CSI’s new Center will rival any orbital welding fabrication facility in the world, putting the company in position to capture large scale business in 2017 and beyond.

The facilities expansion effort coupled with CSI’s multimillion dollar investment the past five years into new Orbital Welding and fabrication equipment gives CSI a marked advantage toward upcoming projects that require high production capacity.

CSI is also working with Boise City Business Development and Idaho state representatives taking into account advantages for additional tax breaks offered by the city and state toward New job creation opportunities.

This growth has been spurred by multiple innovative new product offerings and three new patents posted by the company in the past eighteen months. Controlled systematic growth continues to be the company edict which is consistent with its 18 year effort and goal of becoming the world leader in gas management systems

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