I need to connect a high purity stainless steel system to my existing copper main system. What do I need to connect these together the right way?

Copper and stainless steels are incompatible materials, since they have different electrode potentials that will undergo a electrochemical reaction upon contact with each other.

When fabricating high purity stainless systems that require a connection to copper, be sure to use dielectric fittings.   Dielectric fittings feature a PVC or ceramic bushing to act as an interface between dissimilar materials, which prevents chemical reactivity and galvanic corrosion.

Bryan Smith is a QA/QC Specialist with AMA Consultants Corporation. He specializes in cleanroom testing and certification, ultra-high purity (or UHP) process piping systems, and non-destructive testing. He has spent 7 years with AMA Consultants serving clients in various high-tech industries including pharmaceutical, aerospace and nuclear power. He currently holds Level II NDT certifications in Leak Testing (LT) and Visual Inspection (VT).  You can reach Bryan or AMA Consultants at www.amaconsult.com or 706.654.3905.


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