The Guardian 4 and 8 Series scrubbers are point of use emission abatement tools designed to thermally oxidize residual process gases (silane, arsine, phoshine, diborane and others) and process by-products in the effluent streams from manufacturing processes.  The Guardian combustion chamber ensures ignition of flammable gases and prevents silane bubble formation for most concentrations and flow rates.

Guardian scrubbers generally handle higher flow than other Point of Use (POU) scrubbers, and the 8 series gas scrubbers are typically used for higher process flow rates than the 4 Series.   Because of the high flow feature, we have spec’d many Guardian Scrubbers for TEOS and TEPO processes.   In the past couple of years, we have also recommending Guardians for solar process gas abatement as solar panel tools have gotten larger and are requiring higher flows in the fabrication process.



Critical Systems purchases high quality used Guardian gas scrubbers that have been properly maintained and professionally decommissioned. Each unit is customized, fully reconditioned, and certified to perform as new.  As with all CSI reconditioned systems, our gas scrubbers are backed by a 6 month ‘cover-to-cover’ warranty.

Guardian Reconditioning Process

  • Reaction chamber assembly is removed, decontaminated and cleaned internally and externally.
  • Temperature switches and thermocouples checked and tested.
  • Gas pressure switches checked and tested.
  • Manifold torque to specifications.
  • Ignitors are removed, inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • The cabinet and frame are cleaned and painted if needed.
  • The Guardian is reassembled, tested for functionality and sensor and alarms are checked for correct operation.
  • The Guardian is then tested at full temperature for 24 Hours to ensure good working order.

Guardian Selection Criteria:

  • Combustible gas
  • Individual & Total Gas Flow Rates
  • Duty Cycle
  • Footprint
  • Port sizes (1/2” to 2”)
  • Available Options