High purity stainless steel fabrication is at the heart of what we do, whether it be modifying existing gas cabinets to customer specification, creating customized gas panels, or building a gas system  for a unique application.

Our inventory consists of a combination of new surplus components and factory new components at distribution discounts.  This approach to sourcing components gives us the basis for very competitively priced high purity fabrication, gas systems and assemblies.


CSI technicians are highly experienced in High Purity Stainless Tube Fabrication, Orbital Fusion Welding, and Gas Delivery Systems components & configurations.  Having been employed by some of the industry’s largest wafer fabrication facilities, CSI technicians have extensive backgrounds in both new construction and in-house fabrication environments.  In other words, our normal approach to business has always been to deliver a quality product in a short amount of time.


CSI also has extensive experience in facility and equipment engineering with projects ranging from  designing custom process gas systems  to reverse engineering existing systems.  We regularly design and build both gas and chemical delivery systems for leading edge Fabs and small organizations alike.


Critical Systems’ fabrication facility was designed by industry professionals with specific expertise in microelectronics facilities layout and construction.  With its Class 100 clean room, ‘white space’ fabrication area,  and complete analytical functionality equipment, our facility enables CSI to deliver the highest quality electropolished and CFOS gas systems available.