What are the pros and cons of purchasing a reconditioned point-of-use scrubber vs. a new one?

Looking at the pros and cons of a new vs. a reconditioned gas scrubber can best be evaluated by breaking the topic down into subject areas:

Financial and environmental considerations

Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy a reconditioned scrubber is that they’re up to 75% less than an equivalent new gas scrubber. Additionally, purchasing a reconditioned scrubber promotes the re-use/recycling of high quality, well maintained equipment.

Equipment Performance and Warranty

New scrubbers will obviously function properly, and come with a 1 year warranty. A reconditioned scrubber from CSI goes through an comprehensive cleaning, evaluation and testing procedure before it is CSI Certified. Our reconditioned scrubbers are guaranteed to perform as new — backed by a 6 month warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

Turnaround Time

Manufacturers typically take 8 weeks to assemble and deliver a point-of-use gas scrubber. Due to our large inventory, we are typically able to turnaround fully tested and reconditioned scrubbers in 2 weeks. In the rare instance that we don’t have the scrubber that best fits your needs, we will tell you that, and search out a scrubber that would fit your requirements.

Pre and Post-Sale Service

Manufacturers typically have one line to sell, and may not have the best solution for your facility. CSI is unique in the industry in that we carry the 7 top brands of point-of-use scrubbers with 50-100 in stock covering wet, dry, and combustible abatement (and combination). Manufacturers will do the install, but generally don’t provide training unless it’s paid for. Critical Systems sends highly trained personnel who not only performs the installation and the training, but in many cases provides additional and invaluable recommendations on overall system design on the abatement side of the process tool.

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