I’m looking for a silane (SiH4) gas cabinet that needs to be CGA Code G-13 compliant. What exactly does that mean?

Silane (SiH4) Gas is classified as a Pyrophoric, Flammable, High Pressure Gas. Because of the explosive (and often unexplainable) nature of Silane (SiH4), a code has been enacted to provide for it’s safe delivery. That Code is CGA Code G-13. Simply stated, G-13 is that section of the International Fire Code that deals with the storage and delivery of Silane gas in concentrations greater than 2%. Specifically in a Silane gas cabinet, you will need the following to be compliant:

·        High Flow Door

·        UVIR infrared flame monitor

·        Regulator bonnet vent kit

·        Restricted flow orifice in the cylinder valve

·        Pneumatic cylinder valve on the process gas cylinder

·        Excess Flow Switch and Monitoring

·        Sprinkler Head in the Cabinet

·        Vacuum Venturi with a trickle purge

·        “Z-Purge” Controller – N2 purged controller electronics

There are requirements for exhaust flows as well, which is why the high flow doors are needed. At full cylinder pressure (1650 psi) a silane gas cabinet, with a 0.010 restricted orifice in the cylinder, is required to have 810 CFM of exhaust moving through it when the door is closed.   You can find other component requirements of a silane cabinet on the table at the bottom of this Gas Delivery Systems page.

I hope this gives you what you need.  And, yes, we provide Silane gas delivery systems.  We have been providing reconditioned and warranted gas cabinets that comply to the CGA Code G-13 for many years, and fully understand these requirements. Please feel free to call us if you have any more questions or if you’d like to receive a quotation.

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